Keep track of your sales, expenses, stock and cashflow with ease.


Record sales as they happen. Your chef can see orders immediately. Your management team and yourself can review these transactions too immediately, wherever you are, on your smartphones or other devices. Using state of the art technology no second is wasted waiting to know whats happening in your business.


Record your expenses immediately they happen. Whether you have just purchased more stock, paid a wage or paid your rent - Duka Books can handle that. Review your expenses on a monthly basis or for a specific period of time. Generate your profit and loss statement and measure the perfomance of your business.


Monitor the level of your inventory and know when to purchase more. Record additions in stock and Duka Books will automatically update reductions whenever you make a sale. We offer the simplest interface for your sales-agents, waiters or cashier to record sales as they happen.


Select the payment method when a sale happens. Cash, bank, mPesa or others. Record your cash in hand and cash at bank at the end of the day. Duka Books will handle the rest for you. Always be in the know about the financial situation of your business at any given time.

How It Works

Why Choose Us

We have done thorough market research and put together simple things that every business needs. We backed it up with robust technology and we finished it with a beautiful design and dazzling speed!


It is powerful enough for any kind of business


Access your data from your mobile device on the go


Your data is safe and secure on our cloud storage


Download for free, try it out and pay monthly or yearly

Our Pricing

All plans include access to the mobile app with a sales ledger, expenses manager, promotions manager, a shared customer database and automatic upgrades. You also have access to your web dashboard with advanced reporting and analytics. Setting up your account will automatically generate a web page for your business where people can discover and order your products online! You will be able to access fulltime support through our communication channels.

  • KES1000/mo

    10,000 per year

  • USD10/month

    100 per year

  • Duka Basic

    • 3 Staff Accounts
  • KES2000/mo

    20,000 per year

  • USD20/month

    200 per year

  • Duka Plus

    • 10 Staff Accounts
  • KES5000/mo

    50,000 per year

  • USD50/month

    500 per year

  • Duka Pro

    • 11+ Staff Accounts

*This pricing is for our software only. We recommend using a tablet that has a screen that is large enough for quick navigation through your list of products. You may also need a credit card reader, receipt printer, cash drawer or customer loyalty tokens. Contact us below for these items.

About Duka

Duka is founded by young Kenyan software engineers with a burning desire to empower small businesses in Africa.

Timothy was inspired to build Duka to through his own experience working at his mom's shop (duka) in his early youth. Petty theft was rampant and the losses ran down his mum's business. Now he has set forth on a brave mission to change the game for businesses across his country.

The challenge of running a small business is evident, not just in Africa, but across the globe. Small businesses make losses due to petty theft and corrupt staff. This is unjust for the hardworking and well-meaning entrepreneurs who make up the bulk of the world's economy. We understand these pains from experience.

Innovating Justice

Duka, previously named "ShopOfficer", participated in the SME Empowerment Innovation Challenge of 2015 organized by HiiL Innovating Justice. We came out third and secured an investment to channel to our mission of promoting transparency and accountability in small businesses.

We are motivated to ensure that small businesses can succeed. Duka record-keeping is realtime, meaning that management can follow up on every sale instantly, wherever they are. You will also be able you to review and export your records over time. This will offer you a better chance of securing a loan from a bank, investor a lending group.

Contact Us

Mobile App Inquiries: Using our android app: Uploading products, recording sales, expenses, promotions, staff...

Web Dashboard: Accessing the web dashboard to manage products, your account or review or print records

Hardware Inquiries: Tablets, credit card readers, receipt printer, cash drawer or customer loyalty cards

Other Inquiries: Sales, Partnerships, Investment, Job opportunities, Media, others inquiries...


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